Saturday, March 17, 2012

Prep for Braidwood Tournament (Part II)

The next thing that needed to be packed was the tackle bag that I purchased from Bass Pro.  I ended up getting Bass Pro XPS Rigging Bag which can hold either 6 Plano 3700 boxes or 10 Plano 3600 boxes. It also comes with 2 side compartments and 1 front compartment.  In order to effectively pack everything I needed I got some tips from others in my bass club and decided to do a mix of box sizes to fit all of my lures.

The first thing that I did was buy a deep 3700 Plano box that could store all of my plastic baits in their bags without being shoved in my bag in multiple places...

After that I bought (3) 3700 boxes (One FTO for crankbaits and two regular 3700).  The FTO held all of my cranks from shallow to deep diving.  The first regular 3700 box stored all of my football jigs, swim jigs and chatterbaits.  The second regular 3700 box stored all of my rat-l-traps, topwater lures, and jerkbaits. 

The last set of boxes that I packed were (5) 3600 boxes.  One box for terminal tackle, one for spinnerbaits, one for Zoom Super Flukes, one with Senkos, and one with plastic Craws. Terminal tackle was put in the center compartment of the tackle bag and the other 3 were put in either the side compartment or the front pocket.

The last items that I needed to pack would also be handy to me while out on the water.  Anything that would be of value to you while out on the water should always be within reach in order to be fishing effectively on the water without wasting time...

- Bug Spray, Lure Scent, Line Conditioner
- Split Ring Pliers, Wire Snips, Angled Pliers, Knife
- Cull Tags, Measuring Tape, Bump Board, Scale
- Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen, Gloves, Rain Suit
- First Aid Kit
- Rod Socks, Spare Reels, Spare Spool

Oh and can't forget the SECRET WEAPON!!!  The A-Rig!!! haha.  Probably won't use it but I have it rigged up LEGALLY and may throw it if nothing else works out for me tomorrow...wouldn't hurt to try it.

I will be checking back in with all of you guys tomorrow to let you know how I did.  I feel prepared and hopefully those of you just getting into tournaments find this useful to help you get organized for your own competitions. Any questions, don't hesitate to email me at

Thanks for reading and tight lines tomorrow!


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