Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Welcome to Bassin' The Midwest!

My name is Alan Wiedmeyer aka "Fluke" and I have been fishing for a little over 22 years!  I am also an active Pro Staff Member for DuPageAngler.com.  This blog will serve as an outlet for myself and also fellow DA members that are looking for information to advance them in their bass angling techniques and knowledge.  I am by no means a professional, but my experiences have helped me hone my skills to become a better angler throughout my fishing career.  So now this will be an opportunity for me to give that information back to all of my readers!  My first focus on this blog will be sharing my experiences as I compete in my first active year of tournament fishing.  I am sure many of you have or have wanted to get into tournament fishing, so this will serve as a how to guide to understand how to approach tournament fishing.  This blog will also serve as an outlet for me to document the catches that I have accumulated over the year.  Specific aspects like gear choices, water clarity, water depth, water tempurature, weather conditions, time of day, type of cover/structure, and targeted fish species will be discussed.  This will serve as a guide and a starting point for many of you as you learn how to pick apart a familiar or even a new body of water. 

Some other items that will be discussed during the 2012 fishing season:
  • Gear choices and understanding how to correctly approach buying new and used equipment
  • Understanding lure action and color choices
  • Specific how to videos for using specific lures and techniques
  • Learning the ins and outs of joining a Bass Club and tournament fishing
So I hope all of you are ready for this coming season, because I am excited to introduce all of you to my style of fishing over the coming months! 

Tight Lines!

ARW aka "Fluke"